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Hiring eDot means you get true
industry experience and value...

Partnering with eDot insures you have the right blend of agency specialists on your team. Our insurance professionals focus on leveraging the technology and assets you have and optimizing them to help you achieve your goals and vision. We apply our experience working with large and small agencies to help you sharpen your own unique edge. Improving your business is our core focus and we will work alongside your internal staff and 3rd party vendors to keep your focus where it belongs.

Client Profile

Do you fit our client profile? If you are an independent insurance agent or broker with 1-250 employees, odds are we can work together to accomplish your current, and future goals.

Industry Experts

Agency success extends beyond computers and servers. We supplement our team with specialty consulting resources that maintain proven industry expertise in operations, process, sales and marketing. Having these resources enables us to take a holistic approach to your agency’s needs and vision.

Cost Savings

We utilize strong, small business ideology and best practices to manage your technology spending. Asset tracking and life cycle management, ongoing budget reviews, alternative technologies and cost structures all factor into your agency technology. We take responsibility for your bottom line.

Business Strategy

We optimize your technology, which helps you maximize your productivity. We drive down costs, which helps you maximize your profitability. In addition, we help you realize your brand vision and promote your uniqueness to grow your agency in a very crowded market.