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HR Enhancement

HR enhancements meeting your agency needs now and in the future.

HR Enhancement: Knowledge = Options = Power and Security

Your Agency is important to you as is the safety and wellbeing of your employees and clients. As your agency grows so do your HR challenges and eDot Insurance Solutions can help you meet those challenges head on.

eDot Insurance Solutions offers enhanced HR services above and beyond traditional HR management that will help further insure the safety and security of your employees and clients alike. Our services include:

Private Investigation

Inevitably you may need investigative services and eDot Insurance Solutions is here to help. Whether it is the result of workplace fraud, cyber security issues, IP protection or other important workplace concerns eDot Solutions investigative team has the experience to help you discreetly and effectively so you will have the knowledge required to make the right decisions.

Worksite Investigations

Workplace Fraud or Occupational fraud schemes can be as simple as pilferage of company supplies, or as complex as sophisticated financial statement fraud. eDot Insurance Solutions investigation team can provide guidance through an advisory role or even more extensive investigations depending on your needs. Since 1984, our experience has included helping companies of all sizes, government organizations, and large nonprofit institutions.

Background Checks

When making a new hire background checks can be a critical element in the decision making process and help protect your agency from making a costly decision. Employers are held accountable by the courts for negligent actions of employees - especially when information was available that employees were unfit - before or after hiring. That’s why It's necessary for you to perform due diligence by conducting background checks on every employee hired, regardless of the size of your agency.
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Drug Screening

When needed, eDot Solutions offers Drug Testing services with collection sites near you throughout the United States.